Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sinus Surgery

Yuppers, so I know that I posted at some point in time that I needed to have surgery because my septum was deviated and I had a cyst in one of my sinuses. Well, yesterday was my lucky day of accomplishment. Huzzah.

One plus, I got to sing "They're coming to take me away! Ha! Ha! They're coming to take me away! Ho! Ho! He! He! Ha! Ha!" But not to the funny farm. I did get drugged. I saw cool lights that looked like I'd been taken away by aliens. I felt burning in my arm as the anesthetics kicked in. I fell asleep as the oxygen mask was placed on my face. Woot.

I woke up about two hours later with a slight burning sensation in my nose and the same oxygen mask attached to my face. The nurse who was attending to me was super sweet. I got to drink water and eat crackers. Mmm. Crackers. Delicious! I got cool socks with paw prints on them to wear, and nifty hospital gown that could show everything but I was too drugged up to care, and a sweet little thing to wrap around my head to catch all the blood dripping out of my nose. Fun times, aye?

I also got a wheelchair ride! Yay! They pushed me to my car in a wheel chair and it was almost like being royalty because I was escorted out by a couple of nurses and my dad while being pushed on a wheelchair by the nurse. It was awesome!

I was given vicaden for pain and something else as an antibiotic to keep infections away. I was told that my septum was straightened nicely and that it was a good thing I had the cyst removed because there was a growing infection around it with lots of puss so it would have been substantially worse if it hadn't been removed.

Today I got to get the splints taken out of my nose (which was actually the best part of that visit). What a relief! It took out so much pressure from my nose! Only thing was, I had stitches in my nose from straightening my septum that were cut out today (ouch!), a lot of dried and crusted blood stuck to hair around my nose that got ripped off, and a suction thing stuck up my nose to get rid of a bunch of gunk that was lodged up there. Bleh!

But I did my first nasal rinse and it actually felt substantially better than when I had done them before the surgery. Much less pressure to work around. I'm able to breathe more through my nose (although it smells kind of weird) and it doesn't hurt so much. But maybe that's just the medication talking. I'm super sleepy it seems, so I keep taking these little naps because I have to sleep upright and I can't sleep for more than a few hours. Oh well. Medicine helps me sleep, though.

I can't look down (for the most part), so that is making things interesting, but oh well. I ate a bowl of ramen today and I was very excited. I watched the movie Seven yesterday. It was AMAZING. And Chris came by with a goody basket and loads of love. Today Carla and her brother Andrew came by with goody bags and love, too, and I was very excited. Yay! So now I think I'm off to sleep more. At least, maybe. I have to take medication again in 30 minutes so maybe I'll wait till then to collapse.