Sunday, February 28, 2010

Magical Lubbock Adventure

Woot! I ran away to Lubbock, TX yesterday (uhg Texas sucks, I know, I'm painfully aware of that) and I had a blast with my ZTA little sister, Alex, and my adopted ZTA big sister, Petra. It was loads of fun! What I'm super jealous about, though, is how many Greeks Texas Tech has. Our campus has 5 established, one colonizing. Of those six, four are for guys. So that leaves two for girls. At Tech, it is ridiculous how many they have! I'm so jealous! Going to bigger schools makes me want to see what it's like to be Greek there rather than here. ENMU is one of the most anti-Greek schools you can have while still maintaining Greek life. Last year the administration tried to get all Greeks off campus because they blamed us for a high freshman dropout rate. Newsflash, it's because of Greeks that many freshman stay in college. I know a few of my sisters would have left a while ago if it wasn't for us. Also, we had to say what our classification was, what our G.P.A. was at, and what organizations we were in that aren't Greek. Let me just say that Greeks on our campus have higher G.P.A.s, fill in all years of schooling (yeah, there are even grad-students on campus who are Greek), and make up the majority of students involved on anything in campus. So, I think that's a score for Greeks. Anyway, sorry for ranting. My point is, we need more Greeks on campus. I think that it would greatly help the entire system here. We have two women's fraternities on campus. Two. It makes it a constant fight against the two of them, fighting for members, pushing against one another; I just think that it would help immensely if we had more women's fraternities on campus. Not only would it provide more options for girls here on campus to choose from, it would also help lessen the competition between the two already here. When there are more groups to choose from, more people belong to different groups, and Greek life thrives. Because the pressure isn't so high to get numbers, the groups would get along better. It wouldn't just be a show between which group is better. I honestly believe that our school would be better off if we added at least one more women's fraternity. I know that they've existed,so why not bring them back? I know that Alpha Chi Omega was once here. So ask them to recolonize. Or bring in Delta Delta Delta or Kappa Kappa Gamma or Kappa Alpha Theta or Alpha Phi. There are so many out there, so let's do it. It makes me happy to see strong Greek communities, and it sucks that ours isn't. I know it's getting better, it really is, but it could be so much more.

Anyway, off of the Greek rant. So Alex, Petra, and I went to Lubbock yesterday to pick up Alex's boyfriend who was flying in from Memphis. We went wandering around Lubbock for a few hours, ate food, and basically just hung out. At one point Alex and I ended up walking around Texas Tech just to see what it was like. We checked out one of their dorms and holy crap that thing is nice! I'm so envious!! If we had dorms like that I might be more willing to stay on campus. Still, I learned that Tech is a really pretty school, and I can see why a lot of people go there. Maybe I just missed out on that whole "college visit" thing because I never did that. I never went to other schools and looked around. So maybe I'm making up for it. We tried to talk to some members of the Zeta chapter over there but it failed (no one was home) so we had to move on, but it was still way fun. We also ran by Best Buy and got Petra a new laptop. And, while I was there, I found out that there is a very good potential that I might be getting one next weekend. Eek!!! Another bonus, I have enough money as of Friday to buy my bride's maid dress next weekend, so I am pretty stoked. Oh! I get to go home this weekend!! Yay!! This is the first time in two months that I get to leave here and go home! Holy crap!! I'm so excited!! Eek! I miss my sister so bad I want to jump her and tackle her and drive her insane because I miss her like crazy!

Alright, I should probably bring this nonsense to a close, because all it is is me going on and on with no sense of purpose and no direction. Oi. So anyway, long story short, I had a blast in Lubbock yesterday. And I am a proud member of the Greek family. Woot!

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Just realized, I've been feeling sick for two weeks. What the hell?! I don't know what it is. I don't feel nauseous, weak, and shaky anymore, but my head hurts, my stomach hurts, my chest hurts, I'm coughing, and my sinuses feel like they're exploding. And when I walk outside it smells/feels like my nose is bleeding. At least a little bit. Uhg. Honestly I just want to get better but at this rate it doesn't even look like that's going to happen. Seriously, I took medication for 10 days to get over the sinus infection and yet I still feel sickly. I guess I need to go back to Health Services and see if maybe they can fix me although they haven't been doing much recently so... who knows? Anyway, it's probably in my best interest to stop blogging and go to class. Peace.


So I've had this sinus infection for I'm not even sure how long anymore all I know is that I still feel like crap. And there's so much going on in my life right now I don't even know where to begin. I don't know, I guess all I can say is that I'm tired, I'm trying, and I still don't know if I can make it. Oddly, my optimism keeps me trying so I keep going hoping that it'll get better but who knows. My life has the potential to get incredibly more difficult in the next few months. I pray to whatever god may exist that it doesn't. I'm just tired. All the time. All I want to do is sleep. Just let me sleep, give me time to reboot my system. I work a lot but not too much. 30 hours in two weeks really isn't bad, although I am a full-time student with a boyfriend, scholastic chair for Zeta and the Vice President for Panhellenic and I'm in Spanish Club and potentially rejoining A.S.A.B. Fuck. I think I am crazy. And I applied for a second job yesterday!!! I don't know what's gotten into me. I just want to stop, let go, freeze everything so that I can take time to make it better. I want to visit my sister. I haven't seen her in two months. Hell, I haven't been back to Albuquerque in two months. That means two months that I've spent here in this Podunk town doing hell if I know what trying to keep going. Two weeks and I get to go home, but even then, it's only because there is Zeta stuff going on in Albuquerque that I have to go to. I get to go to Lubbock on Saturday and while it is a trip it's not the same. I wish I had a car so that I could drive home and take it easy where I could make my mind completely and totally numb so that i can stop thinking, stop being, stop existing just for those four short hours. I just wish I had a moment to make it all stop.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sleepy Sick

I think I'm still sick. I think. So that would probably explain why I'm super tired. That and I got about 6 hours of sleep last night, although, in the greater scheme of recently, that's really good. Except that I'm sick and need to sleep more. Oi.

Life is crazy, but I think I've come to the conclusion that of course it is, and it always will be. I worked 14 hours this weekend and I've decided that it is a very good thing that I'm not going back to work till tomorrow. I get paid on Friday and so I am stoked. I'm pretty sure that I am going to need to buy a bride's maid's dress for Lish's wedding first with the money I'm saving, but I'm also going to go and buy a tattoo for myself (finally!) and a laptop. I want a car but honestly $200 a week won't get me there anytime soon. So I'll buy a cheap laptop that's little and I can take with me. Sounds good to me.

Anyway, I need food before I go to class. I just felt like throwing random info up. Maybe I'll post again later today. Or maybe not. I don't know yet. Peace.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Bad

I know, it's been a while since I've updated. I've just been super busy and lacking internet access. Anyway, right now I'm procrastinating studying for this test I have in the morning because I'm feeling super sick. It's just weird though. I don't know what's up; I feel weak, tired, shaky, nauseous, dizzy, faint, and I have a head ache. I don't know what's wrong with me. Maybe it's just the combination of a lack of sleep, lack of food, and lack of liquids. If I got all of those then maybe I'd be fine. Or maybe I'm coming down with some weird or bizarre illness that will be a bitch to recover from or it will hospitalize me. Way to be dramatic. I'm sure it's the former.

Life is ridiculous. So where to start?

1. I have a job. I know, crazy, right?! I get paid minimum wage ($7.50 an hour)and I can work up to 30 hours a pay period. Not too bad. Although my scheduled hours are pretty much all at ungodly hour o'clock in the morning. Like 3:00 a.m. ungodly. Oi. It's trying to kill me. So where do I work at such weird times of the day? The front desk in one of the residence halls on campus. Not too bad. I like my job. I get paid to sit and do homework and if anyone needs to use something from the back I get it for them, make sure it's checked out properly, and that it gets returned in the same condition it left in. But at 3am, who's awake? So I watch movies on my iPod, draw, listen to music, do yoga, read, do homework, write, whatever. Just no sleeping.

2. I'm taking 15 hours of classes this semester. I'm hoping that I get better grades this semester because:
a)I have fewer hours than normal
b)I'm working at least 10 hours a week so that's 10 hours of potential studying I can be doing.
c)I'm scholarship chair for ZTA, and part of that I've set study hours at the house. So that's another 10 hours a week I can spend studying.
My classes aren't too bad, just a lot of work. I'm trying my best to stay on top of it though.

3. My life is a soap opera. No joke, if I were to film it it could be Youtube worthy. Any dramatic star in any telenovela would be proud of the drama I've managed to accumulate. Between friends, school, boys, Zeta, and everything else, it's ridiculous. Luckily I have Chris, because he is amazing and rocks my world. He makes everything better. And he still sticks with me even through all the crazy shit. Without him I'm not sure how well I'd be able to work through this semester. He's what's keeping me going, being the influence that let's me know that I can do it.

4. I am now officially double majoring in both Forensic Biology and Psychology. I'm pretty stoked, and I should still be able to get out of here around the same time I originally would have, anyway. Woot =]

Anyway, that's all I've really got right now. I'm thinking of piercing my ear again and getting a tattoo, I'm just working on getting the funding. I'm pretty sure I'll have it after my next paycheck, though. And more on that in another blog posting. So, until next time =]