Wednesday, July 28, 2010

So Close!!!

Summer school ends this week. I've finished two of four classes. I'm so ready to be done. Oi. Just waiting for the week to end. Huzzah! After this week I can spend all of my energy on two things: Cleaning my house and planning recruitment. Dude, I couldn't even sleep last night because of how much I was thinking of/planning recruitment. Oi. Eat, sleep, and breathe it I suppose. I guess it's a good thing though, to care this much. It means I actually give a crap about it and want to make sure it's good. Bleh. I will cuddle with the cats and plan. Fun. Anyway, not much else to say. I'll ttyl.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


My baby. And today I had to give her away.

It fucking sucks. I'm so sad. I cried. It's been a hard day. It'd be heard to find a better place to take her, but still. She's my baby, and I feel like I failed her. I sent her away to a new place and I completely shattered all trust she had in me. I've failed her. I love her to death and yet I left her. I feel horrible. How can you do something like that to someone you care about? I mean, if I had found her on the street and brought her, I could understand it because then you are doing her a favor and giving her a better life and a better chance for survival that way. But she had a home, was well cared for and well loved. And I abandoned her.

I took her to the Animal Humane Association in Albuquerque (check out their website at It is probably one of the best places I could have taken her. They spay and neuter, give immunizations, and work on behavioral training with the animals. Just in Albuquerque they have their main facility and two adoption cites around town. Also, they have a 92% adoption rate. They have over 60 employees taking care of the animals and making sure that all of them get the care they need, as well as countless volunteers to help out. Their facilities are clean, the staff is helpful, and they ensure that any pet they adopt out is sent to a good home. I would say it's a really good place to take her.

Petra is a really sweet cat. She is very connected to her owner and loves deeply. Her only flaw is that she is extremely possessive of her owner and is highly jealous of anything that may appear as a "threat" to her owner's love and devotion towards her. She's about a year old and very cute. I'm sure they're going to find her a home and hopefully she'll be loved. She really is a good cat. She's going to be okay. So why do I feel so horrible?

I miss her. I want her in my arms, sleeping on my lap, climbing on my shoulder. I hate this. I feel horrible. I want to take her home and let her know she's still loved. I hate myself. How can I do such a thing to my baby? I know it was necessary, but it doesn't make me feel any better. I hate myself for this. She's going to be okay, but I feel as if I've failed her. I just want my cat back.

Saturday, July 10, 2010


You know, I keep coming back to this, how I don't seem to blog much because my life is crazy but I'll do more. Well, to be honest, I think my life will always be crazy. And maybe that's okay. I guess it's okay that my life is insane and so I don't think to blog all of the time. Oi. Oh well.

My cats are insane. Chris's cats, who previously lived with his mom, now live with us because she moved to a new place where she can't have pets. So, our oldest cat is Spaz, who is the mother of Derp, our next oldest. Below that is Petra. I'm pretty sure I've talked about her in this somewhere. And our newest edition, more likely than not only about six or seven weeks old is Isis. Yeah, I know, I'm turning into a crazy cat lady. Luckily, only half of these cats are mine. The other half belong to my boyfriend.

Living together is going amazingly. We've lived here for about two months, and I really like it. We still haven't finished unpacking everything, mainly because both of us like to just unwind and not worry about it. Oi. Silly geese we be! We recently had our six month, so that was fun. My dad visited me this past week and I was stoked!!! Eek! The only annoying thing is that we both are fairly messy people but I'm also mildly OCD so I like everything clean. If only my ADD didn't kick in and make it super difficult to focus on cleaning...

Life is good, just working on a lot of school and such. Speaking of which, I'm pretty sure I have an assignment due tonight, so maybe I should stop blogging and do that... Hmm.

Alright, I guess I'll go, but hopefully I will blog more recently than another two months. I hope.