About My Blog!

Okay, so this blog is written like a journal entry, a conversation if you will between myself and the reader, or you. Why, you might ask? Well, because it's the best way to know me. Why would you want to know me? Well, because I am a young adult entering the world. My life is like a soap opera (best seen if I actually posted every day and posted everything). And if you're entering the "real world" like I am, you're getting there, or you have a kid who's heading that way, it'd be nice to know that either
a) You aren't alone
b) Guess what you can expect!!
c) You're kid is about to reach hell, and here's how they're looking at it.

Okay, a little crazy, yes. A little emotional? Yes. Maybe not one hundred percent accurate to every situation? Of course. But what can you expect? I started this blog when I was seventeen and just graduated high school. I'm currently twenty years old, a senior in college, double majoring, taking loads of classes, working, and getting married. My life has changed just like everyone's does because life isn't constant. The only thing garaunteeds in life is that life changes. So, read about mine. Get some laughs. Maybe cry. Be bored. Be interested in other people's drama. Take comfort in knowing that hey, other people really are just as crazy as you.