Sunday, September 14, 2008


Oi. Seriously. Life is so...dramatic. Here's what happened:

So my roommate, Karol, has this friend, Nicole, who comes over fairly often and they talk and whatnot and hang out. I don't really mind. But Nicole doesn't like her roommate.

A friend of mine who lives across the hall, Bri, just had her roommate move out. Because she moved, she has the room all to herself, but she knows that it won't stay that way forever. She doesn't want some new person in her room that she has to get acquainted with all over again.

Bri and Nicole got together and came up with a "brilliant" plan.

Step 1: Nicole would move into my room.

Reason: She could be with Karol rather than her roommate and they would get along.

Nicole's Logic: If she was staying with Karol and I wasn't, I wouldn't have to deal with her in my room all the time being loud and I could study in silence.

Step 2: I would move into Bri's room.

Reason: I would get to room with someone I know.

Bri's Logic: She wouldn't have to get a new roommate that she didn't know. Since we're already friends it would work out great.

Nicole's Logic: I would be with someone I'm already friends with. Plus, the new girl who would have originally been Bri's roommate wouldn't have to move into Bri's room only to move out again into Nicole's old room.

Step 3: The new girl who would have been in Bri's room will instead move into Nicole's old room down the hall.

Here's my thing, they told me about this plan right before I went to my last class on Friday. In class, I had bigger things to be thinking about rather than room drama with my room as the focal point and the creators of this idea didn't even live there. So I went to class and completely forgot about the plan. After class, Paige, Robyn, Kim, and I were supposed to hit the road to go to Albuquerque for the weekend, so I was concerned about packing. Right as I get to my room, I get a call from Bri.

Bri is hoping that I'm still okay with the plan and that I don't mind and hoping that I'll go with it. Karol doesn't care so she is just going along with it. I was hoping that I could think about it over the weekend, but they got to me right as I was about to go and so out of stress and haste, I signed the paperwork to do the room switch.

Everything was all set to go, but over the weekend I actually had some time to think. I kind of like my room. My room is nice. It's set up the way I want, everything's all moved in, I like it's location, Karol's pretty cool, and it feels like home. To move across the hall would be a pain in the ass. Also, Bri's already moved in, so I would have to adjust around her. Not quite so fun.

Another thing, I don't really see Bri and myself getting along very well as roommates. No offense or anything to her, but I just don't see us doing well as roommates. Friends, yeah, we're great. Sorority sisters, yeah, we're great. But roommates? Not so much.

After talking about it with Kim all weekend and thinking about it, I decided that I didn't actually want to do this. I just liked everything the way it was. Besides, if Nicole wanted to be closer to Karol, she could move in with Bri and we'd be fine.

Well, I get in today and I kind of tell Karol that I don't actually want to do the move anymore. I guess she wasn't paying attention. My RA, Stephanie, said she needed me to sign some papers about moving (which I thought I already did but whatever) and I said I didn't want to move anymore. Kim was with me, and she got a bit excited and told her the whole story. Stephanie said it was fine if I didn't want to move. She also said that if Karol and Nicole want to room together, there's an empty room down the hall that they could move into together. Well, I called up Karol to tell her about it.

I thought Karol didn't care one way or another, but I guess I was wrong. She seemed a little upset that I didn't want to move anymore. Then she said she had to talk to Nicole about whether or not they would do it. Now I feel kind of cheated. They kept saying from the beginning that I didn't have to move if I didn't want to. I would have if Karol had said she wanted me to because I don't want to force her to stay with me, but she didn't care either way so I figured she wouldn't mind. But now she might take off anyway.

If I end up by myself, I guess it isn't bad. I like Karol, but if she doesn't want to room with me I can't make her. Still, I guess I just want things to turn out alright. We'll see what happens.


Anonymous said...

I re-read this again?! Am I bored or what! Just remember your principles from church darling.

Just be the change you want to see and to look for the good and praise it. What is you guys say at church ALL THE TIME?

Life is good....all the time!!!
Have a great day
Mrs T

Luna said...

Wista, that sucks. I hope everything works out all right.

Anonymous said...

Just checking in and thinking of you, dear Krista. We will be hosting UWP Interns tomorrow thru October 6th. I am kinda excited. Lydia's boyfriend stopped by the house after school today?! He spent time with Kaysea and her friend Amanda. Kaysea's old boyfriend who is also named Matt showed up at the house for a short while today also. Too many things of 'Just STUFF'! 2 Matt's! Just Stuff. It is a little bit challenging for me but fun to watch Kendyl juggle Boys in her room. One is her ex at 15 and the other belongs to her very good college friend named Lydia. I'm done :)
Mrs T